Grade 2H Ice cream Art

Hi Grade 2H Hope you are working well at home.

Great to see so many of you completing the art lesson. Remember primary colours -red, blue, yellow and secondary – orange, green and purple.

All these people completed the art lesson, well done

Maddison, Danielle, Charli, Lucy, Joel, Cung, Amelia, Jasmine, Lachy, Levi, Hayden, Jude, Isla, Lincoln, Chantelle and Steven.

Maddi and Jas both made a little video to explain their art work and I saw a variety of materials being used. It is great to see everyone thinking about what they can use to be creative.

Hope you all cleaned up nicely at the end of the lesson.

Thanks to all the adults for helping.

All the best Mrs Liesfield

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