Something New

We have been looking at why artists make art. Students focused on making art in order to make people aware of Endangered Animals.

Grade 4 students worked on a grahic style artwork and created collaborative canvas paintings which look great.

Please check out our beautiful art.

Grade 5 students worked really hard to paint their on canvas boards featuring an endangered animal and added a little collage to add some extra interest. Beautiful results!

Something New

It has been quite some time since posting new artwork but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been super busy creating lots of new work. So far we have made art based on Van Gough, check out the Sunflowers by grade 1, looked at work by Picasso with grade 6 with some superb results and made work based on the Canadian artist Sandra Silberzweig with grade 4.

We have also studied David Hockney, Jeffrey Smart, Joan Miro, looked at colour and organic shapes at is only August. That’s heaps really!

Currently we are doing lots of weaving and even try to learn to freeform crochet.

IMG_1039IMG_1048IMG_1041   IMG_1040IMG_1047

Art Extension

A group of Grade 3 students have been working hard to create a mixed media project based on their ‘Ponding” unit. We used tissue paper collage, black ink and dye, water colour paints and put it altogether on a canvas to make these delightful artworks. We still have more to come.img_1004img_1003img_1002img_1001img_0998

Graduation bears

img_0992 img_0993 img_0994 Every year Grade 6 completes a Graduation Bear. We always have a theme, this year it was ‘what I want to be when I grow up’.

We had sporting bears, mounted police, scientists, singers, marine biologist, surfers just to name a few.

It is a big job for Grade 6 to sew all the outfits but the final results always look great






After visiting Hundertwasser’s wonderfulimg_0957 museum and village in Vienna it was a great opportunity to bring this amazing artist and architect to the students.

All the students from prep to Grade 5 are studying his wonderful art, architecture and philosophy.img_0950 We have looked for onion domes, hidden faces, contour lines, mini houses and lovely colours in his work and this has inspired grade 3 and 4 to paint large collaborative murals.

Hundertwasser is a keen conservationist and believes that artists should be inspired by nature.


More Textiles

IMG_0946 IMG_0945 IMG_0944 IMG_0943 Developing fine motor coordination has been a big focus and what better way than sewing, weaving, wrapping and tying.


Grade 1 and 2 created delightful pocket pals. They stitched onto the hessian and decorated with beads and buttons.

Next the students had to design and cover their pals and the finished pieces are beautiful. The students could explain why it was important to develop these skills and when they might use them.


Grade 3 produced some terrific woven trees combing a number of steps and skills. There was quite a lot of problem solving involved. We discussed what skills we were developing and how we could build on these skills in the future.


Textile Fun

IMG_0935 IMG_0936 IMG_0937 IMG_0938 Third term is usually textile time and the grade 4s have been working hard to create felt Vikings. some are finished and other have finishing touches still to do. We will end up with close to 100 Vikings, what a sight!


Grade 5 have been decorating and sewing cup cakes which make a real feast for the eye when displayed together. Some of the keen sewers have put quite a lot of detail into the decorations.

These cup cakes look good enough to eat!