Prep Birds

IMG_0800 IMG_0799 IMG_0798 IMG_0797 IMG_0796




















Prep O made beautiful birds today with zipper legs. Great work for fine motor development, improving cutting skills and using pva! These birds will be finding a home around the school. There will be more birds joining them soon.

Grade 3 Annie Sandano Prints

IMG_0785 IMG_0784 IMG_0783 IMG_0782 IMG_0781 Grade 3 students created gorgeous art based on the work of New Zealand print maker Annie Sandano. Annie works with wood to produce her detailed printing blocks.

We pressed our designs of Australian birds into foam and then printed them.

The students then created lovely geometric patterns with paper cutting to make the floral designs that surround the birds.

Here a few examples but all the work was terrific.

Check them out on display at school.












One of Annie’s original prints.





Grade 4 geometry birds

IMG_0765Grade 4 have been working hard on their beautiful Australian birds.

We started by sketching up the chosen bird and then using a ruler to make straight lines and sharp corners- lots of geometry in this art project.

Next the students added line work to their birds and used water colour pencils to add colour. Here are a few lovely works, some finished others almost done.IMG_0766IMG_0764







Students were asked to think about their colour combinations. A rainbow of colours or a limited palette. All effective and all beautiful.

Perhaps a few budding graphic artists!IMG_0767