Cooper and Zach get creative

It was lovely to get a message from Zach and Cooper about creating  making their own Yu gi oh trading card tins.

This is great guys. So impressed that you spent so much time being creative and active. And thanks for sharing your work

Mrs Liesfield


To Mrs Liesfield,                                                                                    22/04/2020

Yesterday my brother Cooper found a picture of a tin that looked really cool… He wanted to make his own and I thought that was a great idea! So I did one too. I made it today all by myself. It took me hours because it was a big box and I was using different colours. I did 5 coats because I didn’t want any of the bits on the card board box to show up on my tin that I was making.          From Zach


To Mrs Liesfield,

Yesterday I saw a really cool tin that I wished I had. So it got me thinking… Instead of buying one I thought to get a card board box and make my own design of how I want it to look like. I painted my box including the inside. I painted the ancient symbols and did mine just like the tin and in the exact same colours. I spent 4 hours and 30 minutes painting the box to make it look like the tin. The tin I was trying to paint was a YU GI OH! Trading card game tin that was originally made in Japan. KONAMI is the Japanese brand. I play the English addition though.

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