My Australia Grade 6

IMG_0850 IMG_0851 IMG_0852 IMG_0853 IMG_0854 It has taken all term, mainly because we only have art once a fortnight, but we finally have some finished grade 6 work.

The ‘My Australia’ maps have come up well and feature lots of techniques. Paint, collage, ink, dyes, frottage using leaves, watercolour pencils and paint.

The students then added drawings and collage to show important parts of Australia and make the map more individual.

Some of the items they included were animals, sports, famous places, places they have been or would like to visit.

It really has been very experimental and all about the journey and having a go.



More Landscapes Grade 5J

IMG_0845 IMG_0844 IMG_0842

5J have just finished their Aussie Landscapes and the results are terrific.

Some of the students really got the technique for adding pastels in a relaxed way. They created depth of colour and highlights in their work.

It takes quite a while to get all the art projects finished as we work on a two week rotation.



This art work on the right has a touch of Van Gough to it with the curved lines throughout the work.IMG_0841

Comparing art.

IMG_0840 IMG_0839 IMG_0838 IMG_0837 Grade 4 students have been comparing and contrasting art works featuring the Sydney Opera House. Artists we looked at included-Margaret Preston, Grace Cossington Smith. Ken Done and Marie Jonsson Harrison.

Students found lots of similarities and differences. They talked about colour, brush strokes, time of day and objects featured in the paintings.

Here are a few samples of their venn diagrams. One group compared 3 of the paintings all at once.IMG_0836