Arcimboldo’s Fabulous Faces

Giuseppe Arcimboldo was an Italian painter best known for creating imaginative portrait heads made entirely of objects such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish and books. 

Mrs Hall has found some great pictures to share with us and thought you might like to have a go at one yourself.


The last two art works are by grade 6 students . Maybe you could have a go too. Or make one using collage pictures of fruit and veg.

Magical Medieval Art mainly dragons

These are just a few of the beautiful art works sent in this week during our look at Medieval art. I have seen great castles, dragon eggs and eyes and illuminated letters. Well done everyone who created something.

Well done to the following students who really made a huge effort.

Nykeeta, 6d, Amelie, 5, Amelia 5, Ella 5S, Emily 5A, Georgia 5pd, Chloe 6t, Mikayla 6 w, Ruby 5m, Max 5s, Beth 5s, Ryan 5s, Kayla 5a, Ariel 5pd,, Isobel 5pd, Hollie 6d, Fletcher 5s, Taylor pkb, Marley pkb, Zoe Pp, Matlida 1h, Zoe 1t, Keely 3w, Casey 6d, Stephanie 5m.

I haven’t seen everyone’s work yet but these really stood out, and I look forward to seeing the rest of the artworks.

Art Supplies – collecting bits and pieces

It is a good idea to keep a collection of bits and pieces to create art with. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on these things.

Some things I collected are-card board boxes, magazines, egg carton, rolls from alfoil, alfoil, wool, ribbon, buttons, plastic containers, coloured paper, wrappers from a chocolate bar, shiny foil, paper bags, foam from packaging, string, fabric, tissue paper, shoe boxes. The list goes on really.

It is good to keep your scissors, pencils, textas, paints, glue etc altogether in one place so you can find things easily.

So using some of these bits and pieces I created a dragon head for this week’s unit on Medieval Art. If you have time you might like to make one and send it in.