The Sun and the Moon and some beautiful Cats

This week saw some amazing work from all grade levels We looked at the art of Australian artist Laurel Birch and were inspired by her sun and moon creations and her wonderful cats.

Well done to these students and how beautiful are these art work!! Scroll all the way to the end to see all the name.

Zoe Prep P, Millie 6W, Billy Prep p, Zoe E 1T,Case 4p, Beth 5s, Taylor E and Jessica E, Hnin PCS, Carlie 4s, Milla G, Ashlee 6w, Summer 3w, Stella 4s, Tayah 4l, Annika 4p, Hollie 6d, Annie 6t, Jaydon and Kye grade 4, Ashley prep p, Casey 6d, Reid 4l, Ella 5s, Ruby 5s, Hayley 5m, Alexis 4j, Alison PCS, Jack W.

More Art Ideas

Are you looking for something else to create?

Why not try making art about some of these things-

Dinosaurs, make a picture frame from pop sticks, 3D cardboard animals, sew a tiny carry bag for a peg doll, a view from a window -real or imaginary, animals made from hand prints, monsters, through a magnifying glass or microscope, leaf creatures, draw your sneakers, draw a face without lifting the pencil from the page, draw without looking, draw squiggles and turn them into creatures, Crazy insects, make a kite, try some origami, make a windmill.

Use your ipad, paint, stitch, build, draw, model making, print, use wool, collage or do some wood work.

There is always something you can have a go at.

Fun Animal Groups

Groups of things have a special name, this in known as a collective noun and you can have some fun illustrating these fun ‘group’ words.

There are heaps of these words and some are quite fun eg ‘A Parliament of Owls’, A Quiver of Cobras’, ‘A Parade of Elephants’, ‘A Stand of Flamingos’, ‘A Band of Gorillas’, ‘A Leap of Leopards’, A Crash of Rhino’, A Gang of Turkeys, A knot of Toads. A Nest of Snakes,. There are lots more too.

An Aurora of Polar Bears, A String of Ponies, A Prickle of Porcupines, A mob of Emus, A wisdom of Wombats.

You could even make up some of your own for animals or jobs people do – here are a few I thought about. A Sink of Plumbers, a Coil of Electricians, A Board of Teachers, A Palette of Artists, A Bandage of Nurses, A Pot of Cooks.

Have a go!

Create a Building Book


Building on from our book making you could try your hand at making a concertina book that looks like Hundertwasser’s House.

Lots of places around the world decorate their homes. An amazing man in Taiwan saved his village from being knocked down by picking up a brush and painting the buildings. At the age of 86 he started painting, he is now 96, and he is known as Grandpa Rainbow. It’s amazing what art can do.

You could even paint your own village like Grandpa Rainbow.