Lost Thing by Shaun Tan and Grade 6

IMG_0907IMG_0906We have a few samples of Grade 6 art work based on the illustrations of Shaun Tan’s ‘Lost Thing’.

I think the students have done a great job on these project.

Initially they were tho think of something that is easily lost and sketch up their idea. When they were happy this was transferred to card and completed in colour and cut out.

For the backgrounds they had a large selection of papers to use but had to think about conveying a sense of feeling in their art work with the colours they selected.

Finally they made a paint scrape piece to use as a second background.

IMG_0905I think the student’s work is fantastic.IMG_0904IMG_0901IMG_0899IMG_0900IMG_0898IMG_0902

Making Artist Books

Students throughout the school are busy making a variety of Artist Books. We have concertina folded books, paint, stencil, fold and collage books, pop up books and tunnel books.

Grade 6 are taking it one step further and designing their own ‘Lost Thing’ based on the work of Australian author/ illustrator Shaun Tan.

Here are a few samples that are currently under construction.IMG_0887 IMG_0886

IMG_0885 IMG_0884 IMG_0882 IMG_0881 IMG_0879 IMG_0883Plans and sample for the concertina books.

Mini collage books under construction.



Sample of a tunnel book.




Tunnel books from Grade 4 nearly ready to put together.


What’s new?


IMG_0877Here we have a few dolls created by the art extension group that meet Friday afternoons. The students created a no sew doll by making a wire frame, wrapping this with wadding and then covering the framework with fabrics, ribbons, leather and wool.






Grade 5 are still working on their Da Vinci inventions and they are looking fabulous.

Have a look at them on Open Night.