Lilydale Show 2018

Recently we had an exhibition of student work at the Lilydale Show. The work looked fabulous, lots of colour which is always great and represented many of the projects that we have undertaken during semester two. We had delicious Prep Cup Cakes, soft sculptures by grade 3, 4 and 5 which included beautifully sewn cakes, doughnuts and more cupcakes. Grade 5 was also represented by their delightful “zines” that they created about Aboriginal art. Grade 2 had on display some”bark paintings” and grade 3 and 4 had made some terrific wire and wool sculptures in the style of the Tjanpi Desert Weavers. The fabulous paintings at the back were created as collaborative projects by grade 4 early in the year when we looked at endangered animals. 

Tea Party Art

We have all been sewing during term 3, creating cakes, doughnuts, cupcakes, tea cups, lolly bags. It has been a delicious term in the art room.

Grade 5 made the cake slices

Grade 3 Doughnuts on plate

Grade 2 Lolly Bags

Prep Giant Cup Cakes

Grade 1 Painted and Stitched Party Food


Watercolour wonders

Grade 5 have created some stunning watercolour artworks. We looked at the UN rights for children then created a watercolour painting to fit the idea. Learning to use watercolours properly was a bit of a challenge but we were lucky to have Miss B with us to help.

Students worked layering the watercolours to give more depth to their painting. Next we added some fine liner and a little collage.

The results were fabulous.

Tell Me A Story part 2

This is part two of Tell me a Story.

Grade 6 students have been busy creating figures to represent real people that were in a war to commemorate 100 years since the end of WWII. Students collected information about family members which was great to see them relate the topic to their own lives.

We incorporated, wire, alfoil, papeir mache, paints and Poppy pictures using pastels.

The background canvas was created on Open Night by our visitors with a few finishing touches to it.

Tell Me a Story

Over recent weeks students have been busy creating art works based on literature. We visited Fairy Tales, found out Where the Wild Things Are and went on a journey with Snugglepot and Cuddlepie.

The art work has been fantastic. Lots of colour and we have used a huge variety of techniques and media to create these masterpieces.

Miss B who has been visiting us from America has had a great time working with the students.

Check these out.


Something New

We have been looking at why artists make art. Students focused on making art in order to make people aware of Endangered Animals.

Grade 4 students worked on a grahic style artwork and created collaborative canvas paintings which look great.

Please check out our beautiful art.

Grade 5 students worked really hard to paint their on canvas boards featuring an endangered animal and added a little collage to add some extra interest. Beautiful results!

Something New

It has been quite some time since posting new artwork but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been super busy creating lots of new work. So far we have made art based on Van Gough, check out the Sunflowers by grade 1, looked at work by Picasso with grade 6 with some superb results and made work based on the Canadian artist Sandra Silberzweig with grade 4.

We have also studied David Hockney, Jeffrey Smart, Joan Miro, looked at colour and organic shapes at is only August. That’s heaps really!

Currently we are doing lots of weaving and even try to learn to freeform crochet.

IMG_1039IMG_1048IMG_1041   IMG_1040IMG_1047

Art Extension

A group of Grade 3 students have been working hard to create a mixed media project based on their ‘Ponding” unit. We used tissue paper collage, black ink and dye, water colour paints and put it altogether on a canvas to make these delightful artworks. We still have more to come.img_1004img_1003img_1002img_1001img_0998