The Sun and the Moon and some beautiful Cats

This week saw some amazing work from all grade levels We looked at the art of Australian artist Laurel Birch and were inspired by her sun and moon creations and her wonderful cats.

Well done to these students and how beautiful are these art work!! Scroll all the way to the end to see all the name.

Zoe Prep P, Millie 6W, Billy Prep p, Zoe E 1T,Case 4p, Beth 5s, Taylor E and Jessica E, Hnin PCS, Carlie 4s, Milla G, Ashlee 6w, Summer 3w, Stella 4s, Tayah 4l, Annika 4p, Hollie 6d, Annie 6t, Jaydon and Kye grade 4, Ashley prep p, Casey 6d, Reid 4l, Ella 5s, Ruby 5s, Hayley 5m, Alexis 4j, Alison PCS, Jack W.

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