Something new to do!

Looking for something else to do while at home. You could do some paper weaving and create some place mats for dinner.


Step 1 decorate two pieces of paper the same size.

Step 2 make a crease in one end about 2 cm from the edge see pic 5

step 3 cut strips down to the fold/crease pic 4

step 4 cut the second sheet of paper into strips pic 3. About 2cm wide is quite good.

step 5 lift every second strip from the first piece and weave the other piece through. Remember over, under. The next piece goes under. over. push them close together. I like to put a dab of glue at each end to hold it in place.

step 6 repeat till finished. Glue the last piece in place all along the bottom edge.

And so a lovely individual placemat ready for dinner or afternoon tea!