Something new to do!

Looking for something else to do while at home. You could do some paper weaving and create some place mats for dinner.


Step 1 decorate two pieces of paper the same size.

Step 2 make a crease in one end about 2 cm from the edge see pic 5

step 3 cut strips down to the fold/crease pic 4

step 4 cut the second sheet of paper into strips pic 3. About 2cm wide is quite good.

step 5 lift every second strip from the first piece and weave the other piece through. Remember over, under. The next piece goes under. over. push them close together. I like to put a dab of glue at each end to hold it in place.

step 6 repeat till finished. Glue the last piece in place all along the bottom edge.

And so a lovely individual placemat ready for dinner or afternoon tea!

Dressing Up and Recreating

One of our first projects has been dressing up and recreating  famous artworks and what I have noticed is that all over the world people have been dressing up as famous artworks too.

Here are a few fun ones – no faces or last names sorry – because we had some really beautiful ‘Girl with the Pearl Earring’ and lots of other really fun  and clever dressing up art works.

I have really enjoyed looking how clever and creative so many people have been. Thanks to Caelen, Zac, Mitch, Jade, Ash, Matthew and Riley

6T Abstract Creations

Grade 6T created some dynamic art work based on the artist  Victoria Potrovitza. Well done to these students who handed in their creations – Annie, Connor, Ethan, Mason, Sienna, Shayla, Chelsea, Aiden T, Koby, Bailey, Luke and Tilly.

A number of students really took to the project and spent quite some time on their creation.

Here are just a few of these works.

Looking for something to do?

We all need a little chill time and doing some drawing is a great way to relax and you don’t need much to make an art work.

Some suggestions- Zentangles- draw a whole bunch of circles and make black and white patterns in them. Or in squares, in leaf shapes, in fruit shapes, in your hand or foot shape!

What about making your own superhero or alien. Make your own jigsaw puzzle by drawing a picture then cut it into a few large pieces.

Make a plan of your house, a treasure map, design your own home it can have anything you want in it.

Make a concertina book with little pictures of your toys on each page. Make a lego model and then draw it.

Draw a window and what you see beyond the window- this could be true or made up.

“Handtangle” you can always colour it in later.

Creative Time

I have just discovered a new artist that I really like, his name is Cedric Morris. He does beautiful paintings of  Still Life and Landscape. Morris was a keen plants person and loved gardening as much as he loved painting.

Perhaps if you are looking for something else to do why not draw, paint, collage a still life of flowers from your garden or even the beautiful coloured trees at the moment.

Or you could do a lovely landscape with a view along your driveway or your backyard. You could create the art anyway you like.

3S Adorable Stacking Dolls

Fantastic work from these people – Eiliya, Degan, Logan, Cooper H,Rohan, Ishaan, Charlotte, Ellie Mae, Kayla, Nyiel.

Ishaan it great how you talked about your work and actually made them stackable.  I loved seeing the different techniques and materials everyone used. All the work was so well done, I was really impressed.

I can not put faces on the blog, sorry. So here are some of the art works.

Thanks everyone and keep creating.

Mrs Liesfield

Nature Art

We have been sent these lovely art works from Hannah and Lisa. They have used their initiative and created their own artworks form nature. What a great idea and they look terrific.

Thanks for sharing  with us and keep creating.

The Art Team

Dog and Autumn Forest.