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Hi Everyone

Well it is a little tricky doing art over the internet but we can still create some great projects.

It would be terrific if you could collect things that we can make art with-

Paper, cardboard, boxes, textas, pencils, fabric, felt, wool, small sticks, stickers, magazines, skewers can all be useful.

You can certainly adapt the art lessons to what you have at home, you will just need to really use your imagination and think about alternatives that might work. If you have paint try it, otherwise use coloured pencils.

It would be great also if you could keep photos of your work of keep your work in a folio so that when we see each other at school again we can share some of the art we have created.

I can also show you some art I created over the holidays and projects I have been trying out for your art lessons.

This is a lino print of Arthur’s Circus in Tasmania. Hope you like it.


Happy creating Mrs Liesfield.


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