Looking for something to do?

We all need a little chill time and doing some drawing is a great way to relax and you don’t need much to make an art work.

Some suggestions- Zentangles- draw a whole bunch of circles and make black and white patterns in them. Or in squares, in leaf shapes, in fruit shapes, in your hand or foot shape!

What about making your own superhero or alien. Make your own jigsaw puzzle by drawing a picture then cut it into a few large pieces.

Make a plan of your house, a treasure map, design your own home it can have anything you want in it.

Make a concertina book with little pictures of your toys on each page. Make a lego model and then draw it.

Draw a window and what you see beyond the window- this could be true or made up.

“Handtangle” you can always colour it in later.

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